In this presentation, I’ve gathered a few visuals per Sharona’s request.

I looked around www.rgorobotics.ai and collected a few examples of past work of mine based on what I saw:

  • Layouts involving drones or robots – I’ve selected a few visuals which I designed for Rowenta which includes their robot vacuum cleaner, which is thematically very close
  • Layouts involving vehicles in different situations – I included several designs which I did for Ford, both web and print
  • Infographics -I included several infographics which I did for Comic Con and Coca-Cola
  • 3d Objects in different situations
  • Branded Layouts – I included several layouts for EKO (gas station company)
  • Layouts with products and technical specs – I included a few excerpts from a catalog that I designed for Vivacom (the largest telecom company in Bulgaria)

I hope these are enough, please let me know if I should include something else. For best viewing experience, please view it on a desktop.


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