What is Skunx?

A creative team of an art director and copywriter dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises grow through outstanding advertising.

Where Skunx earned their stripes

We have a combined experience of 15 years in advertising working for blue-chip international corporations and small local players in big-network agencies and independent enterprises. We have worked on award-winning campaigns, praised at domestic and international festivals.

Why is Skunx out in the wild now?

We see this as an opportunity to build a partnership and personal connection with clients. Here you talk directly to the person, responsible for crafting your assignment. We consider a task finished only when you, we, and the consumers are happy.

What tricks does Skunx know?

We can help you with all type of design and copywriting services, of course – branding, designing visuals and crafting a new logo, writing copies for radio, social media, website, newsletters etc. But we do much more – our agency experience gives us the expertise to come up with a big campaign or an activation for your brand. We can also help you with events, video or product photography. Anything, really.

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