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Talkt is a digital service that helps customer support companies compile, sort and distribute incoming requests. This service needed a logo and brand identity which would look friendly but professional. The logo represents the ability of the company to seamlessly receive, sort and distribute requests. This is represented in a three pointed star which rays are arrows. At the same time three arrows in the negative space between the rays are formed.

Stationery design sample

Clash of Leagues is an esports tournament which takes place in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Austria and Serbia. The task was to create modern visual communication for the tournament which is going to be used across all countries.

Various ipad scipt sketches for logotypes and designs
Various ipad scipt sketches for logotypes and designs
Visual identity package for the city of Vratsa. Taking the authentic and colourful charm of Vratsa to digital and print medium is both a fun and highly responsible task.

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